Read to Sleep

Reading before bed can help us fall asleep a bit faster. When we read our levels of stress are decreased, allowing our bodies to start to relax. When our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, are lowered the tension in our muscles eases up. By engaging ourselves in a good book, our minds get a break from stress and worries. I like to read before bed or as way to distract my thoughts when anxious and thinking too much.

Belly Breathing anxiety and stress aid

Dealing with stress and or anxiety? Try this simple belly breathing exercise. I love this one when I am having an anxiety attack as it helps me focus on breathing and calming down.

Keeping your shoulders relaxed, start by inhaling through your nose. Make sure your inhaling as deeply as possible. Relax your jaw and slowly exhale through pursed lips. Repeat 3-10 times or more as needed.

When we practice deep breathing the oxygen supply to our brain is increased, heart rate is lowered and blood pressure is able to regulate. All of this aids in helping us relax and calm down.