Easy lemon cleanse and immune booster

Looking for a easy cleanse, immune booster, or a flavor boost for water?

I personally dislike the taste of plain water and find lemon water to be comforting when I’m dehydrated, stressed or looking to detoxify.

Benefits of lemons

  • Vitamin C – antioxidant, stress reducer, immune booster
  • pH balancing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hydration promoter
  • High in prebiotic fiber Pectin – helps stimulate the digestive system

Does water temperature matter?

Yes and no. Cold water can shock the digestive system slowing it down. Choose cold for during the day or when working out. Hot and warm water both aid in waking up and stimulating the digestive system. Hot is best for mornings, when feeling a cold coming or as a detox. Cold lemon water will still help detox but not as quick since it shocks the digestive system some. I choose warm when I don’t want hot or cold. Have fun and find the right temperature for your needs.


Lemons can be sliced or squeezed depending upon preference. I like both ways. Simply take slices or juice and add to your water. Lemons are acidic so start with a smaller amount and adjust accordingly. Honey, maple syrup or cayenne powder to add a sweet or spicy kick.